Wednesday 6th June 2012 Pig

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Spitted Hogs low n’ slow

As summer ( I use the term in its loosest sense ) begins there is a certain primality exposed in us as humans as the hog roasts begin. The sight and smell of a whole pig as it turns majestically on a spit is something to revere , strumming some distant chord aching back to caves, social groups , and presumably the pinnacle of the hunt.  In the last 10 days we have roasted and carved 4 pigs and once again I am intrigued by peoples reactions to the whole cooked hog , its almost as if because it is clearly a whole animal as opposed to a highly packaged/ sanitised meat product there is a connect between what it is a pig ,an animal and food. This seems to bring out respect for the animal which lets face it laid down its life for us to eat and seems to engage those eating it with a determination to know more about it. So as ever when the hog roasts start so do all those interesting theories could we cure a whole pig and roast it ? Should we create a rub ? Should we buy an enamel bath and marinate the whole pig ? Could we cure and marinate one in a hot tub ? ( wouldn't that be bizarre ) We are now using a newly developed  roaster and the only answers I have at this point is cook low n slow and of course drink cold lager when cooking.
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