Pork Science

By Dingley Dell

How do you make your pigs?

Pig Fig 1.1

Producing for Taste

For us understanding taste is the key component to what we do, this starts on farm with our breeding programme above. For our Grandparent stock we use a purebred Landrace dam crossed to the Red Duroc sire both lines are composed of animals selected for us on the criteria of intramuscular fat, this is the marbling seen in the pork cuts which ensures taste and tenderness in cooking. The females are then crossed back to Large White or Red Duroc again, we are currently seeing 4.5% intramuscular fat in our slaughter generation and will achieve 7.5% by the end of 2014.

Feed and Freedom from stress.

As well as using the correct breeds and individual bloodlines producing the finest pork also involves feed and a stress free environment. We use a series of traditional cereal based diets to both rear and grow our pork, it is extremely important to achieve good uninterrupted growth for muscle development so it is important to remove all stresses from the pigs life. At the abattoir the same principles apply as regards removing stress it is important that the stunning is with gas rather than electricity for improved meat quality. From here it is all about chill chain management which is why we work with a short integrated supply chain.

Meat Science and taste testing

We work very closely with Caroline Mitchell a meat scientist as well as advising at farm level Caroline works with the whole supply chain on issues such as hanging and maturation and ph levels. Our Pork is regularly taste tested under scientific protocols with a trained taste panel.


We are absolutely committed to continually strive for excellence in what we do.

scanner testing live pig for intramuscular fat

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